About Spoke Woven


SpokeWoven is about creating an experience, developing a vision and channeling intention and energy through the making of a Dreamcatcher. 

I believe in the power of people creating energy and bringing a vision to reality through collaboration. More than an artisan craft, the making of dream catchers is a creative process with a very spiritual connection--a connection that is able to grow organically, heal and help discover new realms of your conscious and unconscious and enrich your mental and physical life. 

Spoke Woven grew from the support of loved ones and the universe. People believing in the power of honing in on a craft and bringing reality to vision through collaboration with others.

Making dreamcatchers isn't just a artisan craft, it is a creative process that is cathartic and healing and full of growth and spiritual connection.

The people who I have the opportunity to work with, to create these works for, make my life full and bring the power of positivity to fruition with the creation of every dreamcatcher.

Each day is filled with magic and night with the power of the moon.  Looking forward to embarking on a journey of creation, new vision and growth with you.

Peace and Love,